A human right to international freedom of movement

About the speaker:
Sarah Fine is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at King’s College London. She is also a Fellow at the Forum for European Philosophy. She co-edited (with Lea Ypi) Migration in Political Theory: The Ethics of Movement and Membership (Oxford University Press, 2016). Dr Fine’s research lies in the fields of contemporary political philosophy, ethics, and the history of modern political and social philosophy. She specializes in issues relating to migration and citizenship, with interests in a wide range of areas, including democratic theory, nationalism and patriotism, states and sovereignty, territory and borders, theories of justice, ‘race’ and ethnicity, and feminism and gender. She is also interested in the intersection between philosophy and the arts.

Dr Fine was an undergraduate student at the University of Cambridge. She received her MPhil and DPhil from the University of Oxford. Before joining the Department of Philosophy at King’s, Dr Fine was a Research Fellow at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.