Using Data and AI to Deliver a Fully Sustainable Global Energy System

As more of our energy is generated from variable renewable sources and key sectors such as transport and heat electrify further, our future energy system will undergo fundamental transformation. The most important and yet least well understood changes concern the demand side.

Established in 2021 by the global innovator Octopus Energy Group, Centre for Net Zero (CNZ) conducts independent, AI and data-driven research and modelling to understand these transformations and advance the global energy systems modelling landscape.

It is pioneering the use of large scale, global randomised control trials to obtain real world evidence from Octopus Energy’s global customer base, and the generation and validation of synthetic smart meter demand data for research, using modern generative AI techniques.

Lucy’s presentation will outline CNZ’s research covering demand flexibility from domestic customers; CNZ’s ‘Faraday’ model for synthetic demand data; baselining household energy consumption in an intelligent demand driven world; and CNZ’s early work to develop and deploy supporting policy tools designed to accelerate the global energy transition.