Writing a Peer Review: Best Practices

Join us for an afternoon with Prof Robert A. Gross, Professor of Neurology at University of Rochester Medical Centre and current editor-in-chief of the Neurology Journals.

Participants will learn about the editorial process and how to compose a high-quality peer review. Following a presentation by Prof Gross on peer review best practices, participants will be provided with a real manuscript and its reviews, there will be facilitated discussion in small groups on how they would write their review, what the reviews achieved and ways to improve the critiques. To finish, there will be a Q&A session with Prof Gross.

13:30- 14:00: Sandwich lunch

14:00- 14:05: Welcome and introduction

14:05- 14:20: “Writing a Peer Review: Best Practices from the Editor-in-Chief”. Prof Robert A. Gross.

14:20- 15:00: Small group work – how to construct a review

15:00- 15:10: Coffee break

15:10- 15:30: Small group work – improving the critiques

15:30- 16:00: Q&A with Prof Gross