Factors for success in developing a REDD+ project in the Chyulu Hills landscape of southern Kenya and its integration into a model for long-term conservation financing through multiple ecosystem payments
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The Chyulu Hills REDD+ project is one of just two successful REDD+ projects developed in Kenya. The development process took 6 years and has involved bringing together a coalition of stakeholders that includes Kenya’s national parks and forest services, four indigenous Maasai Group Ranches, and three local NGOs. The project is now marketing VCX/CCBS verified credits. The talk presents some of the key factors and steps – institutional, legal, financial – in developing the project. It sets the project in the ecological context of the Chyulu Hills and a long-term vision for building a portfolio of ecosystem service payments.

Chris Tuite has worked for 50 years in applied conservation, a significant amount in East Africa. His most recent work, started as a staff member of Conservation International, has been advising on a broad conservation strategy for the Chyulu Hills ecosystem, including the development of a REDD+ Project.
Date: 1 June 2018, 16:15 (Friday, 6th week, Trinity 2018)
Venue: Dyson Perrins Building, off South Parks Road OX1 3QY
Venue Details: Herbertson Room
Speaker: Dr Chris Tuite (Conservational International)
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