Sir John Hanson Memorial Lecture: Challenges of implementing an ethic of care in law and social policy

This memorial lecture in honour of Sir John Hanson, former Warden of Green College, will explore the challenges facing those seeking to implement care ethics into public policy. It will seek to illustrate ways that a legal system can be sympathetic to care ethics and how in the future the legal system can be caring.

In exploring public policy in relation to care and the challenges that law and social policy face, the lecture will discuss personal budgets, abuse within a care setting and resolving disputes around those who lack capacity.

Professor Jonathan Herring is DM Wolfe-Clarendon Fellow in Law at Exeter College, University of Oxford.

This lecture is sponsored by Research in Specialist and Elderly Care (RESEC) and organised under the auspices of the Green Templeton College Care Initiative.

Please join us for what will be a thought provoking talk and lively discussion on care ethics and public policy.