Workshop “Does the future of the European Union depend on differentiation? The sources and effects of the logic of differentiation”


8.15 | Welcome of participants

8.30-45 | Introduction

8.45-12 | I. SOURCES OF DIFFERENTIATION [at the Maison française d’Oxford]
Chair: Petar MARKOVIC, Free University of Brussels & LUISS
Discussant: Prof. Florence DELMOTTE, University of Saint-Louis, Brussels

8.45-10.15 | Panel 1. Sources of differentiation and (im)migration policies

Dr Cristina BLANCO SIO-LOPEZ, University of Oxford (St Antony’s College)
Looking Back to See Beyond: Sources of differentiation in the evolution and potentialities of the EU’s ‘free movement of persons’

Stefan JAGDHUBER, University of Munich
Kindred policies, yet different decision-making rules:
Explaining vertical differentiation in the EU’s immigration policy

10.15-10.30 | Coffee Break

10.30-12 | Panel 2. Sources of differentiation and the ‘practice turn’

Dr Anja THOMAS, SciencesPo (CERI)
EU practice as source of differentiation of polity-ideas?
MP’s discourse about the role of parliaments in the EU: Assemblée nationale and Bundestag (1979-2013)

Dr Samuel B.H. FAURE, University of Oxford (Nuffield College)
Sources of differentiation through its social dynamic:
Explaining the A400M European military programme by a ‘configurational’ approach

12-2 | Lunch Break on the Brexit
Prof. Anand MENON, King’s College London (TBA)
Director of the UK in a Changing Europe initiative

2-5.30 | II. EFFECTS OF DIFFERENTIATION [at the European Studies Centre]

2-3.30 | Panel 3. Effects of differentiation on the EU in time of crisis
Chair: Kira HUJU, University of Oxford (Balliol College)
Discussant: Prof. Christoph MEYER, King’s College London

Dr Vincent LEBROU, University of Strasbourg (SAGE)
Europeanisation by numbers. How EU cohesion policy diffenciates local actors according to their financial performances

Dr Stefan AUER, University of Hong Kong
Orban’s Hungary versus Merkel’s Germany:
Differentiated Integration in an Emergency Europe

3.30-4 | Coffee Break

4-5.30 | Panel 4. Effects of differentiation on the legitimacy of the EU
Chair: Kira HUJU, University of Oxford (Balliol College)
Discussant: Prof. Nathalie BERNY, Sciences Po Bordeaux (Centre Emile Durkheim)

Nicolas ARENS, University of Saint-Louis, Brussels
Which democracy for which differentiation?

Dr Mirjam DAGEFÖRDE, European University Institute, Florence
Output Legitimacy? EU Policies, national policies and EU support

Prof. Kalypso NICOLAIDIS, University of Oxford (St Antony’s College)
Sustainable Integration in a Demoicratic Polity
A new (or not so new) ambition for the European Union after Brexit


Pratical information
The workshop will take place at the Maison française d’Oxford on the 2-10 Norham Road in Oxford. Have a look on the map.

Dr Samuel B.H. Faure
Dr Vincent Lebrou