Name: Dr Noha Aboueldahab
Brookings Doha Center

Events this person is speaking at:

Monday 22 October 2018 (3rd Week, Michaelmas Term)

‘Battling for (In)justice: Resurgent Authoritarianism, Ongoing Conflict, and Transitional Justice in the Arab Region’
Date: 22 October 2018, 13:00 - 14:45 (Monday, 3rd week, Michaelmas 2018)
Speaker : Dr Noha Aboueldahab (Brookings Doha Center)
Venue: St Cross Building, St Cross Road OX1 3UR
Venue Details: Seminar Room L (between the Law Bod and the Missing Bean cafe)
Organiser: Oxford Transitional Justice Research (University of Oxford)
Host: Ivo Gruev (University of Oxford )