Name: Amiad Haran Diman
University of Oxford

Events this person is speaking at:

Thursday 16 June 2022 (8th Week, Trinity Term)

My Neighbour, My Friend? The Rise and Demise of Local Civil Alliances in Ethnic War
Date: 16 June 2022, 13:00 - 14:00 (Thursday, 8th week, Trinity 2022)
Speaker : Amiad Haran Diman (University of Oxford)
Venue: Manor Road Building, Manor Road OX1 3UQ
Venue Details: Skills Lab (2nd floor) - and on Zoom
Organisers: Musashi Harukawa (University of Oxford), Klaudia Wegschaider (University of Oxford), Marta Antonetti (University of Oxford), Nelson Ruiz (University of Oxford)
Host: Musashi Harukawa (University of Oxford)

Monday 20 March 2023 (10th Week, Hilary Term)

Oxford Conflict Peace and Security Hub
Date: 20 March 2023, 10:30 - 18:00 (Monday, 10th week, Hilary 2023)
Speaker s: Lars-Erik Cederman (LSE), Carl Müller-Crepon (LSE), Seung Hoon Chae (University of Oxford), Micha Germann (University of Bath), Patricia Justino (UNU-WIDER), Neil Ketchley (Oxford), Dan Miodownik (University of Oxford), Amiad Haran Diman (University of Oxford), Kristin Marie Bakke (UCL), David Siroky (University of Oxford), Jakob Schram (University of Oxford), Dan Midownik (Hebrew University), Livia Isabella Schubiger (University of Oxford), Lars-Erik Cederman (ETH), Laia Balcells (Georgetown), Anastasia Shesterinina (York), Vincenzo Bove (Warwick), Emily Myers (Duke)
Venue: Brasenose College, Radcliffe Square OX1 4AJ
Venue Details: Lecture Room VII
Organiser: Dr Andrea Ruggeri (University of Oxford)
Hosts: TBA