Name: Filippo Rosselli
Institut Gustave Roussy

Events this person is speaking at:

Monday 4 March 2019 (8th Week, Hilary Term)

The FANC (Fanconi anemia) pathway: far beyond the protection of DNA replication
Date: 4 March 2019, 11:00 - 12:00 (Monday, 8th week, Hilary 2019)
Speaker : Filippo Rosselli (Institut Gustave Roussy)
Venue: Old Road Campus Research Building, Headington OX3 7DQ
Venue Details: Meeting Rooms 71a,b,c
Organisers: Amanda O'Neill (University of Oxford), Eric O'Neill (University of Oxford)
Hosts: Angelina Zheleva (university of Oxford), Madalena Tarsounas (University of Oxford )