Summa Contra Gentiles Reading, Commentary, and Translation Group

The reading group is a ‘Summa Contra Gentiles Reading, Commentary, and Translation Group’.

It will take place from 1200 — 1400 on Wednesdays during term time, in the Front Lecture Room of Blackfriars Hall. (Please ring the doorbell to be let in.)

The relevant text for Trinity Term is Aquinas’s Summa Contra Gentiles, Part IV, Questions 27 — 49, in the Marietti manuscript.

The format will be as follows, with options for those who (a) feel confident in their Latin as well as for (b) those who have no Latin or are not confident in it:
Before the meeting: You may either (a) focus on providing a new translation for the week’s questions on the Summa Contra Gentiles or (b) concentrate on providing a commentary on these questions (perhaps using the already existing English translation from, as appropriate.
During the meeting: We will go over (a) translation issues and (b) textual interpretations, as well as our individual commentaries, with the goal of generating both (i) a coherent translation and (ii) exegetical commentary.

If there are any questions, please contact me at
Type: Seminar Series
Timing: Wednesdays 12-2pm
Organising department: Faculty of Theology and Religion


No upcoming talks to display for this series.
Editor: Andreia Gomes Da Costa Leite