Mandarin Forum

These talks on China, covering a wide range of contemporary and historical subjects, are delivered in Mandarin. The presentations are followed by bilingual Q&As.
Type: Seminar Series
Series organiser: Dr Annie Hongping Nie
Timing: Fridays, every other week, at 1pm
Web Address:
Organising department: Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


Friday 9 June 2023 (7th Week, Trinity Term)

Alterity of Original: The Text Construction and Classics Interpretation in the Translation of the Daodejing by James Legge
Date: 9 June 2023, 13:00 - 14:00 (Friday, 7th week, Trinity 2023)
Speaker : Professor Ayong Lei (Minjiang University)
Venue: Dickson Poon Building, Canterbury Road OX2 6LU
Venue Details: Room to be confirmed
Organiser: Dr Annie Hongping Nie
Host: Dr Annie Hongping Nie

Editor: Clare Orchard