Policy Engagement for Biodiversity

Recent years have seen a significant step-change in attention to biodiversity as a political priority for governments worldwide. This year is due to culminate in the agreement of the United Nations Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework, and domestically, the UK Environment Bill will rewrite post-Brexit rules on everything from agriculture to pollution for many years to come. Considering these developments: What is the role of academic research in informing and scrutinising policy trajectories? How can academics from different disciplines and career stages more effectively engage with policymakers? With many interconnected social, economic, and technological dimensions to account for, what even is policy for biodiversity? And, where do we want it to go in future?
Type: Seminar Series
Series organiser: Dr. Jasper Montana (University of Oxford)
Timing: Wednesdays at 10am
Web Address: https://bookwhen.com/oxfordbiodiversitynetwork#focus=ev-so18-20210602100000
Organising department: School of Geography and the Environment


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Editor: Jasper Montana