Cyber Strategy and Technology Studies Working Group

The Cyber Strategy and Technology Studies Group meets every Wednesday from 15:00 to 16:00 during term-time. It has a hybrid meeting format, held in person in the Chester Room at Nuffield College and on Zoom. Working Group meetings explore a spread of topics concerning digital strategy, including the impact of AI on security and politics, cyber security dynamics and geopolitics, disinformation, deepfakes, and social media, digital inequality and sovereignty, and more. Around half of the weekly sessions consist of Working Group Discussions oriented around a previously chosen discussion topic and accompanied by academic materials for participants to read in advance of the meeting. Other sessions consist of guest speakers lecturing or of DPhil Fireside Chats, which involve doctoral students from a range of Oxford departments sharing relevant works in progress and/or published papers to spark interdisciplinary dialogue on contemporary and strategic technology/security issues.
Type: Seminar Series
Series organisers: Changing Character of War Centre (CCW), Elisabeth Siegel (University of Oxford)
Timing: Wednesdays from 3-4 pm during term-time.
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No upcoming talks to display for this series.
Editor: Elisabeth Siegel