St Hilda's College Writers' Day at the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival

For the 7th year in a row, St Hilda’s College Media Network presents its own dedicated day at the Oxford Literary Festival.

12pm: Yang-May Ooi on her book and one-woman show Bound Feet Blues – the history of women’s lives in China. 2pm: A panel discussion about short stories with Kirsty Gunn, Helen Simpson and Frances Leviston. Chaired by Claire Armitstead. 4pm: Hannah Rothschild on her novel The Improbability of Love (out in paperback in April). 6pm: Daisy Dunn with a talk on her biography of Catullus and new translation of his poems.

All participants are alumnae of St Hilda’s College.

Saturday 9 April 2016 (-2nd Week, Trinity Term)

Saturday 1 April 2017 (11th Week, Hilary Term)

Saturday 24 March 2018 (10th Week, Hilary Term)

Saturday 6 April 2019 (12th Week, Hilary Term)

Saturday 28 March 2020 (10th Week, Hilary Term)