The Economics of Post-Crisis Recoveries

Following our Economics of a Pandemic series, we will now explore the potential paths to recovery and ask some key questions:

- How did economies recover from severe downturns? And why it may be different this this time? – Will globalistion turn into nationalism? – How did central banks and governments respond and what does this mean for our wallets in the future? – Is there a green lining of the pandemic cloud? What are the chances of green growth going forward? – The pandemic forced many changes on businesses and individuals. How have people reacted to forced experimentation in the past and what will stick from the current pandemic?

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Type: Seminar Series
Organising department: Department of Economics


No upcoming talks to display for this series.
Editors: Anne Pouliquen, Melis Clark, Emily Cracknell, Sarah Morrish, Lani Fukada, Emma Heritage