Mind Behaviour Research Group - Behavioural Measurements Webinar Series

We are excited to announce that throughout September, the Mind & Behaviour Research Group at the University of Oxford will be hosting a new webinar series aimed at widening economists’ exposure to measurement techniques commonly used by behavioural economists in lab or real-world research settings.

The series is aimed at young researchers, particularly those based in low- and middle-income countries. Each panel discussion in the series will offer an introduction to a concept and its measurement. We will then discuss the pros and cons of different measurement approaches and cover practical considerations when using them in the field.

The aim is for this to be a platform for young researchers to discuss how to implement non-standard economic modules. These interactive sessions will include brief presentations from experienced invited speakers followed by a moderated Q&A session led by a University of Oxford researcher. All participants are encouraged to ask questions throughout the conversation.

Sessions will be recorded and hosted on the Mind & Behaviour Research Group’s website as an online resource.

Sorry, there are currently no talks scheduled in this series.