Norms, Values and Theories

The seminars for Hilary Term have been chosen in order to give an opportunity to academics and/or policy analysts to theorise about ageing and old age; and to reflect critically upon the values and norms that shape our responses to the prospect of longer lives in a rapidly changing world. The series, which will present work from different disciplines, sets out to explore key ideas and normative constraints that play a central role in our individual and collective thinking about ageing and old age. How have these ideas and constraints changed over time – and how are they changing now? What makes for successful ageing or productive ageing? How do we – or should we – think about well-being in later life? How do ideas about the importance of effective agency or dignity affect judgements about well-being? What are the bases for self-respect in later life? What does fairness require of arrangements for the provision of health or social care to older people?

Sorry, there are currently no talks scheduled in this series.