Chicken Journal Club Autumn 2021 Term

Chicken Journal Club is an international forum for researchers and academics in the field of chicken-related research.

As a ubiquitous source of animal protein, chickens’ importance in global food security is associated with significant biosecurity threats that have wide-ranging impacts on health and the economy. From backyards to more specialised intensive production systems, basic and applied sciences have carved out niches to study topics including domestication, socioeconomic impacts, behaviour, immunity, disease transmission, gut microbiome and antimicrobial resistance. However, disciplinary gaps and geographically disconnected urbanising regions worldwide preclude holistic assessment of the ‘chicken conundrum’. We are a multinational and multidisciplinary group from 10 countries across all six continents composed of 180 graduate-level early career researchers, and global leaders in their field. We have created a platform that invites our members to discuss their work across various disciplines on a termly basis. This is an opportunity to bring together diverse viewpoints and generate novel ideas.

Our efforts are also geared towards reaching audiences from a non-specialist background through an accessible and freely available online presence, by sharing the recorded sessions on YouTube[Chicken Journal Club], with subtitles in various languages currently in development and communicating updates, events and research outputs from members on We also strive to reach early career researchers and connect different specialisms by demystifying scientific specialisms. This is done through a series of talks, workshops and ‘crash courses’ to introduce complex topics discussed in meetings involving biostatistics, genomics, geospatial modelling, and coding. We are working on launching an Instagram to connect with younger audiences.

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Sorry, there are currently no talks scheduled in this series.