Entrepreneurship for Medical Scientists

Series of 3 Workshops at Worcester College, Oxford- 2017

Overall Objectives of the Workshops

Oxford has, over the past few years, offered a series of very useful courses on entrepreneurship (Innovation Forum, SIU, Entrepreneur Oxford…etc.). These have mostly taken the form of general courses on the entrepreneurship focused primarily on students with all of the most salient topics being covered (The Entrepreneur, the idea, patents, business plans, marketing, seeing financing…etc.).
While some of these elements are included, the proposed workshops are different in that they focus on Therapeutics and allied fields (eg Biomarkers). Therapeutics within Healthcare and life science throws up its own specific issues, which are hardly ever covered in significant depth in a more general course, including Healthcare focused ones. They are:

* not courses
* kept small to promote intensive discussion between highly motivated senior researchers and faculty participants and invited guest experts.
* focused on very practical issues with the ability to discuss these in depth.

Selection made on the basis of identified projects that might be taken forward.

Each workshop will start with an introductory talk and short overview. Each expert will present their background and experience. Professional experts (IP, legal, accounting and market analysis) will provide a specialist review of relevant practical issues to consider in their respective fields. Finally, the participants will be invited into the discussion to cover the issues which they are confronted both in their projects as well as within the Oxford environment. The workshops will end with a networking reception where participants can personally approach guest experts to discuss specific issues and request follow-up conversations.

Panacea, who have put together a mentorship programme for its BioStar competition, has kindly offered the participants of these workshops to opportunity to access its network of mentors for any follow-up.
Type: Seminar Series


No upcoming talks to display for this series.
Editor: Alison Brindle