Oxford Diasporas Programme

The Oxford Diasporas Programme (ODP) consists of 11 projects looking at the social, economic, political and cultural impact of diasporas (transnational communities of people dispersed from their homeland) through a range of disciplinary perspectives and research methods. The projects cover case studies from both the global North and South.

We are interested in the connections between people who migrate to other countries and those who stay at home. What effects do these connections have on people in the country of origin, people in the country of destination, and on the migrants themselves?

Find out more: www.migration.ox.ac.uk/odp
Type: Seminar Series
Series organiser: Sally Kingsborough (University of Oxford, Oxford Dept of International Development)
Web Address: http://www.migration.ox.ac.uk/odp
Organising department: International Migration Institute


No upcoming talks to display for this series.
Editors: Anne Bowtell, Sally Kingsborough