Big Data in Developmental Science

An increasing number of large scale consortia across the United Kingdom and beyond are investing in collecting extensive sets of data pertaining to individuals. In the developmental sciences, these large datasets (“Big Data” henceforth) can link educational data on the one hand, as well as clinical and neural indices on the other hand. In turn, interrogating Big Data will be critical to understanding childhood scholastic and health outcomes. To this end, with the generous support of a British Academy Skills Innovator Award and in collaboration with DISCERN (Development, Impact and SCience Early-career Research Network), the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford is hosting three days of events aimed at interrogating Big Data, including both keynote lectures and hands-on workshops and discussion:

Prof Zoltan Dienes: Bayesian Analysis for Big Data, March 15th lecture (12-1pm) and workshop (1-5pm, including lunch and refreshments)

Dr Duncan Astle and Dr Rogier Kievit: Bridging Brain and Behavioral Big Data, March 27th lecture and discussion (12-3pm)

Prof Courtenay Norbury: Multilevel and Longitudinal Big Data, March 30th lecture (12-1pm) and workshop (1-5pm, including lunch and refreshments)

All events will be held in the JCR lecture theatre at St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford. Please ask at the porter’s lodge for directions, but there will also be signage.

Attendees must be affiliated with a university, with priority to early career researchers.

Sorry, there are currently no talks scheduled in this series.