Collection: DPIR Constitutional Studies Programme Events

The Constitutional Studies Programme was established in the Department of Politics and International Relations and the Faculty of Law at Oxford through a generous grant from a private donor in 2013. Its primary mission is to contribute to current debates about the development of the British constitution and to constitutionalism generally and to develop collaborative research across disciplinary divides—in particular political science and law. It aims to integrate both undergraduates and graduate students in its objectives. The programme is a part of the developing strategy of the department and the faculty to integrate work in political science, political theory, constitutional law and constitutional theory.

The core research aims of the programme are to engage in constitutional research focusing in part on the United Kingdom, applying social science techniques, including analytic history and comparative methodology, and to improve the quality of public and academic debate. The programme also has a substantial policy emphasis, engaging legislators and other policy makers in an effort to ensure that the research receives public attention and shapes practical constitutional debate.

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