UK SPINE Virtual Conference 2021 | The Age of Healthspan

Join our UK SPINE 2021 virtual conference, 21–23 April. This year’s theme is ‘The Age of Healthspan’.

The third annual UK SPINE conference brings together world-leading researchers, investors, healthcare professionals, patient groups, medical charities, representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, and administrators to share knowledge and ideas on improving healthspan, and combatting multi-morbidity. If you are interested in the acceleration of drug discovery for affordable therapeutics in healthy ageing, this is the conference for you.

The conference will demonstrate how we are building an active porous innovation pipeline, and will showcase the outputs of our exciting CCF programme. Selected UK SPINE projects will highlight their innovative research and findings in areas such as biomarkers, economics of longevity, and new therapeutics.

Confirmed speakers include Pro-Vice-Chancellor Chas Bountra (University of Oxford), Professor Sir Mike Ferguson (University of Dundee), Professor Janet Lord (University of Birmingham), Professor Andrew Scott (LBS), Professor Lynne Cox (University of Oxford) and Dr Graeme Wilkinson (Medicine’s Discovery Catapult).

To see the complete conference programme and to register, visit: