Intersectionality: making sense of power and identity

Over 30 years ago, Kimberlé Crenshaw coined the term ‘intersectionality’ to describe how different dimensions of identity — race, class, gender, for example –interact and overlap with one another. It has subsequently become one of the most commonly used concepts across the social sciences. But how can it be applied effectively within social science research to reveal different dimensions of power? This session brings together three colleagues who work on particular aspects of the relationship between identity and power. Prof. Nikita Sud works on the politics of development in India, including on the state’s interaction with minorities based on gender, caste and religion. Prof. Rosella Ciccia works on the relationship between gender, social policy, and inequality in Latin America and Europe. Prof. Nick Owen’s has long worked on the political history of themes such as anti-imperialism, the women’s liberation movement, and decolonisation.