6th Course on Network Meta-Analysis: 24-26 June 2019

Led by Professor Andrea Cipriani the 3-day interactive course will give participants knowledge and practical skills on how to understand, critically appraise and publish a network meta-analysis.

This course will include lectures, group work, hands-on tutorials and supervised statistical sessions. It is aimed at clinicians, researchers and policy makers.

An international team of experts will lead participants through a series of focused sessions including:
◾An introduction to meta-analysis, indirect comparisons and mixed-treatment comparisons (theory, practice)
◾Protocol for Network Meta-Analysis
◾Understanding statistical analyses in Network Meta-Analysis
◾Performing Network Meta-Analysis with Research and how to present the results
◾Evaluating the confidence in Network Meta-Analysis: the CINeMA framework
◾How to write the Network Meta-Analysis manuscript and reply to peer reviewers’ comments
◾Combining RCTs and observational studies in Network Meta-Analysis
◾Network Meta-Analysis for timely decision making
◾Individual Patient Data Network Meta-Analysis and component Network Meta-Analysis