Oxford Medfest 2017 - Eros & Thanatos: Matters of Life and Death

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Eros & Thanatos: Matters of Life and Death.
Medfest @ Oxford

Arrive @ the Harris Lecture Theatre (on the Island Site) for 4:15pm

Sponsored by the Royal College of Psychiatrists



Past. Present. Future.

Religion. Euthanasia. History. Cryogenics. Philosophy. A Good Death. Transhumanism. Palliative Care. Artificial Intelligence. Grief.


The subject of life and death is one we are constantly faced with in medicine, yet one which is rarely formally discussed. Whether it’s someone in advanced age fearing death knocking on their door, a mother consoling her terminally ill child, or when through good medical care, patients are given a second chance at life. We not only hope our films will stir up some good discussions, but will also encourage you to question your own preconceptions about life and death.

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PANELLISTS (announced on a rolling basis)

Professor Tipu Aziz
Professor Tipu Aziz is Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Oxford and is interested in the role of the upper brain stem in the control of movement, the clinical neurophysiology of movement disorders and neuropathic pain and autonomic responses to deep brain stimulation, use of MR and MEG imaging in functional neurosurgery.

Dr Jonathan Wong
Jonathan Jong is the Deputy Director of the Belief, Brain, and Behaviour research group at Coventry University’s Centre for Research in Psychology, Behaviour, and Achievement. He is also the Research Co-ordinator of the Cognition and Culture Lab at Oxford’s Institute of Cognitive & Evolutionary Anthropology. Jonathan’s research focuses on the interaction between emotion and cognition, and especially on the role of negative emotions (e.g. anxiety) in belief formation and maintenance. Jonathan is also currently pursuing research on group behaviour, aggression, agency detection, and the philosophical implications of recent developments in cognitive science of religion for religious belief.

Dr Tim Harrison
Tim Harrison has been a Consultant in Palliative Medicine at Sobell House and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at Oxford University since 2005 and currently works in Sobell House in-patient unit and the hospital palliative care team at the John Radcliffe Hospital. He is also the End of Life Care Lead for Oxford University Hospitals. In 2012 he completed his Master of Laws (LLM – Legal Aspects of Medical Practice) degree at Cardiff University. His dissertation focused on the legality of the doctrine of double effect with particular reference to palliative care.