Scholars' Library: Jonathan Shapiro on How to be Abe Lincoln: Seven Steps Toward Leading a Legendary Life

For our April event, in conversation with another Scholar, Jonathan Shapiro (California & Oriel 1985) will discuss his newest book How to be Abe Lincoln: Seven Steps Toward Leading a Legendary Life. Amongst other topics, Jonathan will discuss questions such as: Does Lincoln still matter? Why is laughter the first step to being Lincoln? and how would Lincoln handle our current political climate?

How to Be Abe Lincoln shows us how to survive our dangerously fractious age, one that is too often unmoored from truth, ignorant of facts, and unwilling to do the hard work of becoming better. It is written for those who don’t just admire Lincoln but want to emulate his rational, practical approach to law, love, leadership, and life. It identifies the seven steps that made Abe Lincoln legendary and teaches you how to follow them.

Part of the Lifelong Fellowship portfolio, The Scholars’ Library is a monthly book talk series, where Rhodes alumni can come together to present, discover and debate their literary works. If you’re interested in getting involved, please reach out to Georgie Thurston at

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