Going Viral - Day 1

Please register by emailing hsmt@history.ox.ac.uk by 12-noon Thursday 4 June to receive the Zoom link

Programme: Friday 5 June – Day 1

13:30-14:00 Zoom Login Open
14:00-14:10 Opening Remarks: Professor Mark Harrison
14:15-15:40 Session One – Trending
Jessica Simkiss – Kenelm Digby’s perplexing ontology of rarity and density: physics and metaphysics in early-modern English matter theory
Levi Hord – Medical conceptions of “desire” in establishing authenticity in diagnostic criteria for transsexuality, 1952-1979
Nikita Arora – Medicine gone ‘soft’: a case study of Lady Dane Rani Suraj Kaur Hospital, Faridkot, India (1898-1946)
Chair: Floris Winckel
15:40-16:00 Screen Break – Optional HSMT Zoom Scavenger Hunt
16:00-17:25 Session Two – Social Networks
Anneliese Schaaf – “Men of Paracelsus’ Mind”: negotiating intellectual boundaries & unorthodox philosophy in seventeenth-century England
Madeline White – The business of botany: botanical collection, scientific communities, and the East India Company in the early 18th century
Matt Calow – Rhetoric or reality? Changing priorities for rural health in the Central Provinces of British India, 1890-1939
Chair: Alan Yang

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