Is There a Better Way to do Democracy? A Roundtable on Hélène Landemore's 'Open Democracy'

Date changed to 5 April 2022

Do we need to rethink the way we do democracy? In her recent book, ‘Open Democracy’, Hélène Landemore (Yale University) argues that there are deep problems with the standard model of representative democracy. Landemore argues for an alternative model of ‘Open Democracy’ which gives less of a role to elected politicians and a much greater role to the general public through institutions such as Citizens’ Assemblies.

In this panel for the Oxford University’s Constitutional Studies Forum, chaired by Stuart White, Landemore will set out the argument of her book and Udit Bhatia (University of Sheffield) and Tom Ginsburg (University of Chicago) will present responses. Join us for a discussion of what democracy means and how we might do a better job of achieving it in practice.