I is a Strange Loop - Written and performed by Marcus du Sautoy and Victoria Gould

Online lecture/performance

Oxford Mathematics Public Lecture in partnership with Faber Members
Tuesday 25 May 2021

From the creative ensemble behind Complicité’s sensational ‘A Disappearing Number,’ this two-hander unfolds to reveal an intriguing take on mortality, consciousness and artificial life. Alone in a cube that glows in the darkness, X is content with its infinite universe and abstract thought. But then Y appears, insisting they interact, exposing X to Y’s sensory and physical existence. Each begins to hanker after what the other has until a remarkable thing happens … involving a strange loop.

After the screening and to coincide with publication of the script by Faber, Marcus and Victoria are joined by Simon McBurney, founder of Complicite, to discuss the play and mathematics and theatre.

A discount of 25 per cent on the playtext is available at faber.co.uk using the code LOOP25 from May 20.

Watch (no need to register and it will remain available after broadcast):

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