Affymetrix Seminar

Please join us for an informative Affymetrix seminar presented by Claire Bloor and Geoff Scopes.

Claire Bloor: Axiom Genotyping Specialist

Microbial profiling made simple –detect viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi and archaea in a single assay
Affymetrix, now part of Thermo Fisher will describe a how their new Axiom Microbiome Array can streamline your microbial profiling with species and strain level detection. The array has comprehensive coverage of five domains: archaea, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses (DNA and RNA viruses). The array has been designed with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on a scalable platform with straightforward, easy to use software.

Geoff Scopes: Field Applications Specialist

Clariom™ assays: Next-generation transcriptome profiling tools
Understand it now:
The Clariom array-based approach generates Transcriptome results that are easy to analyze and interpret.
With Clariom assays, you won’t have to wait on answers. They are the ideal tool for clinical and pre-clinical human disease research as well as large-cohort and biobank studies.
Trust it now:
With comprehensive content derived from the largest number of public databases, trust that your discoveries are real and key biomarkers won’t be missed.
Clariom assays push the boundaries of transcriptome analysis so you can push the boundaries of your insights into human health.