Beyond Gridlock in World Politics? Panel Discussion and Book Launch

Can we manage the globalized world we have created? Every day seems to bring new evidence to the contrary. From the wars in the Middle East, to nuclear tensions in East Asia, to an ongoing migration crisis, to the looming threats of pandemics and financial shocks, to the growing danger of climate change, our ability to meet global challenges is falling short. At the same time, an anti-global backlash in many countries around the world speaks to the dangers of unmanaged globalization even as it raises further questions about the ability of countries to devise effective solutions.

How can we make progress under these conditions? In Beyond Gridlock, Thomas Hale, David Held, and a dozen expert contributors scour nearly every realm of world politics to try to identify pathways through and beyond gridlock that can be scaled and expanded. The authors will debate their findings with leading experts on the ways forward.