Seeking the common good: The role of churches in a post-secular and post-Christendom context

In collaboration with the Cambridge Centre for Geopolitics, the Blavatnik School of Government welcomes Anne Guillard (University of Geneva) for a public webinar to discuss her work on Christianity and democratic citizenship in plural societies.

Under the influence of post-secularity, some Christian movements around Europe are reasserting the relevance of Christianity in politics. Anne will discuss how this re-assertion is inundated with distrust of the secular and relative self-othering of Christian communities from wider society. At the crossroads of political theory, political sociology and Christian theology, she will explore a ‘vision of the common’: can Christianity (that is, different expressions thereof) constructively and humbly contribute to the common good when Christianity is one among many voices?

Sophia Johnson (University of Cambridge) will offer a response based on her research into the reception of ideas of the ‘covenant’ in Christian political thought. Marietta van der Tol (Blavatnik School of Government) will offer a response based on her research on the visibility of religious diversity in public space.

For more information and to register, visit the event webpage.