Women and Children amidst the Cameroonian Anglophone Crisis: A Testimony by NGO Leader Esther Omam Njomo

The talk will take place as originally planned, despite the strike. Even though we were unsuccessful in finding an alternative time or venue, we wish to hereby express our solidarity with the strike. We encourage everyone to join this (student-organised) talk.

The Cameroonian Anglophone Crisis has so far claimed at least 3,000 lives and led to the displacement of more than half a million people, transforming everyone’s life in the South-West region of Cameroon.
Esther Omam Njomo, founder and director of the Buea-based organisation Reach Out Cameroon, will talk about the crisis and its impact on the lives of women and children. For more than twenty years, Reach Out has fought for the socio-economic empowerment of marginalised groups, and has now taken a leading role in mitigating the negative effect of the crisis. Apart from her work as director of Reach Out, Esther has been the general coordinator of the South West/North West Women’s Task Force and is currently providing practical assistance to support a team from the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom in a fact-finding mission on the current Cameroonian crisis.

After Esther’s talk, Ingrid Verala Viban (current MPhil student in International Development and General Secretary of the Oxford University Africa Society) will discuss main issues with Esther, before the floor is opened to further questions from the audience.

A light sandwich lunch will be provided between 11.45 am and 12.15 pm.