An Oxford Conversation: Truth in the Media

“Fake news” was 2017’s word of the year. However, many of the changes that have allowed it to flourish recently started several years ago:

Too much news driven by press release Too few journalists to discover what is true Distrust and dismissal of the views of experts Non-experts presenting themselves as expert

Nick Davies (the award-winning investigative journalist, and author of Flat Earth News and Hack Attack) and Alan Rusbridger (former editor of the Guardian, and now Principal of Lady Margaret Hall) have been at the heart of exposing falsehood in the media and other news sources. Join Nick and Alan as they discuss the impact of misleading information on politics, health and other aspects of people’s lives.

Their conversation will start at 6:00pm in the Sheldonian Theatre and continue for about 40 minutes before being extended to members of the audience.

Tickets are free, but please register in advance via the following link.