The uneven ice loss from the Greenland ice sheet: a study of fjord-scale fluxes

For over a decade, the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland has monitored the Greenland ice sheet to get accurate insights into the loss of ice. Such insights are crucial if we are to predict future changes in the ice sheet and their impact on sea-level rise. As the ice sheet loses mass, the flux of freshwater to the fjords increases thereby affecting local ecosystems and marine life, and ultimately local communities. In this talk, I will show how different processes control the freshwater flux for different fjords, and how our results enable us to quantify the dominant freshwater term and the seasonality of the freshwater input from glacier to glacier. Finally, I will share my latest fieldwork experiences and insights from our most recent monitoring programme that aims to constrain the snowfall in the interior of the ice sheet.

In addition, I will briefly present results from an ongoing study aiming to map the gender balance of the geosciences in Denmark. Our findings show gendered differences in opportunities and networks for all career stages but especially for early-career researchers.