Oxford Medical Sciences Imaging Symposium 2020 (MSIS): "Advanced Tissue Imaging: from Single Cells to Whole Organs"

Further detailed information as well as information on platinum and silver sponsoring and exhibition please contact volodymyr.nechyporuk-zloy@kennedy.ox.ac.uk, anjali.kusumbe@kennedy.ox.ac.uk, or marco.fritzsche@rdm.ox.ac.uk.

We aim to attract the breadth of the latest applications and developments in the imaging community in the UK and world-wide. We want to bring together Oxford’s imaging scientists and international leaders, engaging with transformative technologies and methodologies likely defining biomedical imaging in the years to come. This represents a unique opportunity for our DPhil students, Postdocs, and PIs to network and form a platform for collaborations, keeping Oxford’s Medical Sciences at the forefront of international imaging. The MSIS meeting extends the former NDORMS Imaging Symposium to a larger interest group across Oxford.