Around the World in 80 Games - Marcus du Sautoy

Join Marcus as he takes us on a mathematical journey across the centuries and through countries, continents and cultures in search of the games we love to play. Based on his new book, he looks at the way mathematics has always been deeply intertwined with games and investigates how games themselves can provide us with opportunities for mathematical insight into the world.

From backgammon to chess, Catan to Snakes and Ladders, games are not simply an enjoyable diversion. They are rather the height of human ingenuity. Ours is the species that loves playing games: not homo sapiens but homo ludens. The lecture is suitable for everyone ‘from age 8 to 108.’ Come and join Marcus on his journey Around the World in 80 Games. You simply can’t lose…

Marcus du Sautoy is Charles Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science in Oxford and Professor of Mathematics.

Please email to register.

The lecture will be broadcast on the Oxford Mathematics YouTube Channel on 24th October at 5pm and any time after.

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