The role of WISE research in supporting creative action and building the future of education through collaboration

Dr. Asmaa Alfadala, Director of Research, WISE, will speak about how the World Innovation Summit for Education, through its research and other programs, raises international awareness of education’s crucial role of in the empowerment of communities and transformation of societies. Since its establishment in 2009 by Qatar Foundation, under the leadership of its Chairperson, Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, WISE has grown into a thriving global, multi-sectoral platform dedicated to creative, purposeful action in education. WISE has raised the status of education among global priorities, and has established itself as a resource for new approaches to education.

The WISE community is a diverse network of stakeholders who share ideas, expertise, and solutions to address the wide range of evolving education challenges. WISE Research collaborates with recognized, leading experts from the community to produce concrete, focused examinations of core topics, often featuring improved practices in diverse contexts around the world, and including policy guidance for education leaders at all levels.

Dr. Alfadala will present the findings of her research on developing and supporting effective principals with leadership skills that reliably produce improved student learning.

Given the variety of unique school issues and contexts involved, her research is focused on identifying appropriate, innovative leadership development approaches and strategies that can be shown to drive sustainable change in teaching practice with positive impact on student learning.

The research includes case studies illustrating current approaches that systems and schools take to develop and support their principals, with the ultimate goal of identifying key lessons, tactics, and strategies that system leaders can take to build principals’ skills.