Empathy: harmful or helpful? Half day workshop with Dan Zahavi and Jeremy Howick

Recent evidence from randomised trials suggests that when healthcare practitioners empathize with their patients, it leads to an improvement of patient outcome. However, recent critics have also argued that empathy is harmful. In this workshop you will gain a richer understanding of what empathy is, you will get to know about the evidence for the health benefits of empathic care, and get a chance to discuss whether or not it is helpful or harmful.

13:30—14:30 The epidemiology of empathy (Jeremy Howick)
45 minutes talk + 15 min Q&A from audience
14:30—15:30 The phenomenology of empathy (Dan Zahavi)
45 minutes talk + 15 min Q&A from audience
15:30—15:45 Break
15:45—16:30 Group discussion
16:30 Close