UK SPINE Lunchtime Seminar - Platform Technologies in Geroscience

UK SPINE’s goal is to improve health in old age by accelerating the development of new therapeutics, which target underlying mechanisms of ageing.

To achieve this goal, we have brought together academia, industry, the NHS, patients, charities and other stakeholders into a single knowledge exchange network.

This seminar features three talks on new tools and techniques for ageing biology at organism, cellular, and molecular levels. Frederique Tholozan/David Weinkove of Magnitude Biosciences will present on their organism-level ageing models using C. elegans; Karl Morten of University of Oxford will discuss new functional methods for studying mitochondrial ageing; and Attila Csordas of AgeCurve will showcase the company’s work on proteomics biomarkers for ageing. This will be followed by a short Q&A session with the audience.