Pint of Science: The Plight of the Planet - Taking it back: how can we remove CO2 from the atmosphere?

Can we prevent dangerous climate change by changing nature? What are the environmental consequences of these actions? Learn about the natural ways CO2 is removed from the atmosphere and how we could harness them to our advantage and the key chemical elements underpinning these processes.

It is now clear that to meet the goals of the Paris climate agreement and prevent dangerous climate change we need, not only dramatically reduce emissions of CO2, but also learn how to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. How might we do that? Proposed approaches involve increasing biological uptake (e.g. by forestation), accelerating natural reactions such as weathering, or direct engineered removal. This talk will explore the science behind these approaches, what their environmental consequences might be, and how much the world (and the UK) can rely on them to help control climate.