Workshop: The Economics of Intersectionality

Our identities overlap. How should organisations deal with complex patterns of discrimination and harassment that emerge as a result? How are our economic lives impacted by belonging to multiple social groups? Join us for an exciting and dynamic workshop with expert business leaders and academics including:

  • Adia Wingfield, Washington University in St Louis
  • Stephanie Fox, former Director at Apple
  • Rachael Bartels, Accenture
  • Sanaz Mobasseri, Boston University
  • Felix Danbold, UCL
  • Aneeta Rattan, London Business School
  • Laura Adler, Yale School of Business
  • Alicia Sheares, Stanford University
  • Megan Tobias Neely, Copenhagen Business School
  • Liz Johnson, Harvard Business School
  • Ezgi Ozgumus, London Business School

Tickets are just £50 and the day will commence at 09:00 with a breakfast reception, followed by short academic presentations, a lunchtime keynote talk from Adia Wingfield, an afternoon panel discussion, syndicate discussions and will finish with a drinks reception.

For the full programme and information about the speakers please visit our website: