Sharing our streets safely

To mark the one-year anniversary since our friend & colleague Dr Ling Felce was tragically killed while cycling on The Plain roundabout, the CAMS-Oxford Institute is hosting a talk on ‘sharing our streets safely’. Alison Hill from Cyclox will start by introducing the organisation and discussing how Ling’s death, along with Ellen Moilanen’s, has been a catalyst for change in the Oxford area. Annette Pattinson (Joyriders) will then give some tips for safe cycling and how the updated highway code rules affect us all. The talk will end with a forum discussion about cycling in Oxford and the issues faced by all road users.

Alison Hill (Chair of Cyclox): A former public health doctor, Alison wove cycling into her professional life by bringing together research and data about the benefits of active travel on health and wellbeing. She was on the board of Cycling England for its duration and chairs The Bikeability Trust. She was nominated as one of Cycling UK’s 100 women in cycling in 2019.

Annette Pattinson (Director of Joyriders): Like many people, Annette learned to ride a bike as a child but didn’t ride as an adult until moving to Munich, where cycling soon became her main form of transport thanks to the citywide network of safe cycle routes there. On moving to Oxford, Annette was determined to carry on cycling but first had to build her confidence riding on roads – something she’d never done before! It took a long time to find her own routes around the city, so she was inspired by JoyRiders’ ethos of women sharing their local tips with other women and offering some camaraderie and support while they get started. Having discovered JoyRiders’ Tips & Tricks videos online during lockdown, Annette trained as a Ride Leader and started the JoyRiders Oxford group in early 2021.