No Future without Truth? A Dialogue on the Colombian Truth Commission's Report

We are pleased to invite you to a panel discussion on Colombia’s Truth Commission. In this event, Commissioner Alejandra Miller will present the Commission’s final report, which was released in June 2022. We will reflect on the report’s findings and recommendations, exploring the gendered dimensions to the Colombian armed conflict and the future perspectives for peace, reconciliation and co-existence in Colombia.

The final report of the Colombian Truth Commission gathered over 30,000 testimonies over more than three years, with the purpose of understanding what happened during Colombia’s half-century armed conflict. It was the first Commission of its kind to incorporate gender-based violence across its work, and the first Commission to have included testimonies and experiences of victims in exile.

Alejandra, who was responsible for bringing gender to the fore of the Commission’s work, will be joined by a panel of experts, including Peter Drury and Andrei Gómez-Suárez, to discuss the research, findings and recommendations of the Commission. The panel will consider the implications of the Commission’s work for the present and future of Colombia, as well as the lessons that other conflict-ridden countries can learn from Colombia’s experience.

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