OUCAGS Forum - via Zoom

Attendance is free, registration is required

The session will start at 1 PM with a talk by Dr Catherine Swales, Director of Clinical Studies, titled “Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.” (Aristotle, not Swales!)… Medical Education Reflections from the Director of Clinical Studies
This will be followed by presentations from OUCAGS trainees:

Andrew Soltan, Developing and Validating an Artificial Intelligence screening test for COVID-19 in Emergency Departments
Andreas Themistocleous, The use of whole genome sequencing data to diagnose and understand pathogenic variants in Neuropathic Pain Disorders
Abhisek Ghosh, Preparing for remote teaching in laboratory medicine
Kinan Muhammed, Virtual Clinical Teaching: Novel approaches to Covid-19 restrictions
Following the trainee presentations Prof. Chris Pugh will talk about what has been learned during the first wave of COVID, providing insights that might be helpful for continued academic progression during a possible second COVID wave.