North Macedonia: The logic of the solution

The Macedonian name dispute was one of the most sensitive problems in the Balkans since the disintegration of Yugoslavia. The recent solution to the dispute has been hailed as one of the most significant moments for the stability of South East Europe. The main architect of the agreement from the Greek side, Nikos Kotzias, will talk about the history, the issues, the negotiations, the resistance, and how a settlement was agreed.

Nikolaos Kotzias is a Greek diplomat and politician who served as Minister for Foreign Affairs of Greece from 23 September 2015 until his resignation in October 2018; previously he held the same post from 27 January to 28 August 2015. Kotzias studied Economics, Political Science and Philosophy, Law and European Integration in Greece and in Germany. He holds the position of Professor of Political Theories and International and European Studies at the University of Piraeus. He has specialized in issues of policy and political systems, societies and foreign policy of Brazil, India and Russia. He has been a member of many globally recognized international research teams on contemporary issues.