The Venture: what to consider when marketing and seeking financing for a venture

Therapeutics ventures are particularly hard to finance due to a high degree of risk, very large capital requirements and very long timeframes to market. However, there has never been a better time to invest in Therapeutic development as a result of major advances in the tools of biology and chemistry. So how does one position a new therapeutics venture? How does one persuade a skeptical financier to back one’s idea? What are the necessary ingredients required to make a persuasive argument for investment? Amongst the many investor types and investors to choose, which is the best one for your venture? To help frame and answer these questions, we have secured a number of guest experts that are can provide very deep experience in the start-up, marketing and funding of therapeutic biotech ventures. These include:

* a few venture capitalizes such as local start-up VC Dr Matthew Frohn (a local Oxford VC), super Angel investor Rajat Malhotra (Wren capital), Crowdfunder Syndicate Room and Corporate VC’s Dr Sarah Cole (Takeda Ventures) and Dr Matthew Foy (SR One) TBC, * a serial entrepreneur Dr Kevin Pojasek (now intrapreneuring at Immunocor) to relay the experience around Kendall Square in Cambridge US. * Sue Staunton of James Cowper will assist in framing the issues around business plans and financial forecasts.