Seven-Day NHS: Naughty Health Stories

The Tingewick Firm 2017 are excited to reveal that they have written a brand-new sketch show that they will be taking to the Edinburgh Fringe this summer!

Titled “Seven-Day NHS: Naughty Health Stories” (In honour of the innovative and entirely feasible Seven-Day NHS), it’ll take you on a day-by-day tour of our healthcare service behind the headlines. Post-Brexit nurse shortages? Junior doctor strikes? GP waiting times? They’ve got it covered.

Tingewick Firm 2017 are holding a preview performance in Tingewick Hall at the John Radcliffe Hospital on Friday 3rd of August from 7.30pm, you can get tickets to the Oxford show for just £5. Feel free to bring as many guests as you’d like (though some scenes may not be suitable for children under 16).

The following week they are then taking the show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where they will be performing at theSpace on the Mile in Space 2 (Venue 39) on the 10th, 11th and 12th of August. If you fancy, you can also grab tickets for any of the Edinburgh shows from here:

All profits generated from the show will be donated to The Against Malaria Foundation and the International Rescue Committee, the 2017 Tingewick Charities.