Book Launch | The Emergence of the Ethically-Engaged University

This stimulating webinar marks the launch of the new book The Emergence of the Ethically-Engaged University (Springer, 2023) edited by Emiliano Bosio and Gus Gregorutti. The editors will explore the book’s key themes and findings and address the questions:

● What is an ‘Ethically-Engaged University’?
● Why is it important to begin a discussion that brings contemporary academic debate about Ethically-Engaged University to academia and beyond?
● How do educators in this book, located in the Global South and Global North, perceive the Ethically-Engaged University?

The Emergence of the Ethically-Engaged University addresses queries regarding the role of the modern university, the type of individuals universities should look to develop in a contemporary society, and the relevance of globalization as well as how higher education institutions should define ‘ethical values and knowledge’. It presents a remarkable collection of theoretically and practically grounded chapters from internationally recognized scholars – located in both the Global North and the Global South – who have shared their perspectives on the role of the modern university as a public good institution ethically engaged in social transformation. To reflect this, the webinar will situate the discussion around the ‘ethically engaged university’ within an ‘ethical’ paradigm informed by ethical values (e.g., social justice, critical consciousness, fairness, equity, respect, and integrity) and knowledge. The ethically engaged university is informed and inspired by the idea of a global ethic. This is a conceptualization of the university that makes a specific commitment to learners’ emancipation of the human spirit toward principles of global justice.